Trading Consultancy in Türkiye

UK-based IDAS Consulting & Trade Ltd, which has deep knowledge about Turkey’s industrial zones, ecosystem and logistics network, opens the doors of Turkey’s opportunistic/strong potential to its customers by drawing a safe path with its offices located in different cities.

Turkey has been the shining country of recent years with its record-growing economy, young-dynamic population and strategic location.

We know very well the difficulties that foreign companies face when trying to start, develop and maintain commercial activities in Turkey. For this reason, the IDAS Turkey team is ready to find the most accurate and fast solutions on your behalf in every matter you need while you are making your investments and initiatives.

Since its establishment, IDAS has successfully brought together many customers from different countries of the world with the potential of Turkey. Its customers have always been more advantageous than their competitors in terms of cost, quality and speed and have progressed successfully. IDAS has provided the most accurate solution to the needs of its customers and enabled them to make agreements by finding the right connections and the right places for their goals in the dynamic structure of Turkey.

IDAS is a leading consultancy and trade company that knows Turkey well and stands out with its professionalism and experience in all the initiatives its customers plan to make in Turkey.

If you want to move your existing businesses to Turkey and capture the potential and opportunities in Turkey for your sourcing process, you can contact our expert consultants now to get the most accurate, fastest and safest information and consultancy.

Key Services

  • Finding New Suppliers in Turkey

  • Warehouse & Packaging Service in Turkey

  • Inquiry/Analysis About Your Existing Business in Turkey

  • Consultancy for Establishing New

  • Companies/Partnerships in Turkey

  • Representation and Negotiation Support in Turkey

  • Factory/Office Area Selection and Placement Support in Turkey

  • Human Resources Service and Management Consultancy in Turkey

  • Legal and Tax System Consultancy In Turkey

  • Turkey Government Incentives Consultancy

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