Trading Consultancy In The UK

UK-based IDAS Consulting & Trade Ltd, which knows the new develoments in the UK surrounding by the changing world and brings new customers and new investments that arise as a result of these developments, bring them together by drawing a safe path,.

We are well aware of the difficulties that foreign companies face when trying to start, develop and maintain business activities in the UK. For this reason, the IDAS team is ready to find the most accurate and fast solutions on your behalf for everything you need while you are making your sales and marketing initiatives.

Since its establishment, IDAS has successfully brought together many customers from different countries of the world with companies in the UK. IDAS has enabled its customers to find the right connections in the UK’s challenging system and make agreements By drawing the safest and most profitable way. IDAS is a leading consulting and trading company that knows the UK well and stands out with its professionalism and experience in all the initiatives.

If you want to bring your existing business to the UK and catch the potentials and opportunities in the UK before your competitors, you can contact our expert consultants now to get the most accurate, fastest and safest information and consultancy.

Key Services

  • UK Market Entry Support
  • Development of Growth and Expansion Strategies in the UK
  • Seting Best Practice and Sales Methodologies
  • Investment Consultancy in The UK
  • New Client/Partnership Consultancy
  • Warehouse & Packaging Service in the UK
  • Logistics Services
  • Consultancy for Establishing New Companies/Partnerships in The UK
  • Representation and Negotiation Support in the UK

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