About Us

IDAS is an international consulting and trading company headquartered in Manchester that shapes the future of its customers. IDAS passionately works with its customers to overcome their challenges and seize opportunities. Being a pioneer in business development since its establishment, IDAS adopts a transformational approach aiming to create benefits for all its stakeholders. IDAS contributes to their growth, creating a sustainable competitive advantage and achieving extraordinary success by providing better, faster and more permanent solutions to its customers. Whether you are doing or want to do international trade; IDAS provides transparent, principled relations between all parties and acts as a reliable bridge for its stakeholders with a win-win policy. IDAS, which is based in the UK, has operations in many countries in the global market, has specially experienced teams in trade and process management for its customers who operate in the UK and aim to benefit from the potential of Turkey or to operate in Turkey and place their products in the UK market. IDAS, which offers a successful and wide service portfolio to many customers, especially with its knowledge and experience about the two countries, has come forward as a reliable companion by attracting the attention of many companies operating in the UK and Turkey. IDAS continues to stand by the companies that are or aim to be the best in their industries to capture the right opportunities and to remove obstacles in front of them.

Our Vision

Our vision is being a leader organisation that directs the global trade understanding of the future and contributes to the societies in which it does business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to extraordinary results for our customers to make them leader in their industries even in the face of constantly changing and transforming needs in global trade, working in integration with our customers, with accurate, fast, innovative, reliable, competitive and sustainable solutions.

Our Principles



IDAS is a leading company in its field, working with enthusiasm and passion for its customers, which was established with the aim of increasing the potential of international trade in the business world.

IDAS helps its customers who want to shape the future, enabling them to set new standards in the industries.

IDAS offers sustainable solutions and new opportunities for customers` businesses to have a presence in international markets, grow healthily and evaluate their potential well.

IDAS protects the privacy of its customers, does not compromise on the principles of impartiality and independence, and keeps the interests of its customers ahead of all considerations.

IDAS follows the sectoral, scientific and technological developments in the world constantly in order to respond to the rapidly changing needs of its customers at the same speed, and benefits from the best examples and experiences.

IDAS does not compromise on the quality and content of the solutions it produces and it also pays attention to the fact that these solutions are applicable and sustainable in local conditions.

IDAS aims to exceed the expectations of its customers while meeting their needs.

IDAS aims to establish long-term relationships with its customers based on mutual respect and trust.

How We Do?

IDAS works with an innovative and interdisciplined model for its customers to achieve their high goals.

Whether they are focusing on developing an international strategy or implementing an existing strategy, IDAS helps you make its customer`s dreams come true.

We are experiencing the happiness of the profitable and satisfying results of this innovative model, which we have created as a result of the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years.

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