Strategic Planning & Business Development

IDAS is the right partner for your operations in the international in order to ensure long-term competitiveness. With a strategic and systematic approach that considers a wide variety of factors, IDAS ensures that the right choices are made for your new ventures or operations that you want to expand.

IDAS advises from the development of your strategic plan to a detailed country/region survey and assessment to a final location selection. In addition, IDAS also provides practical support to our customers in the implementation of investment projects by selecting local partners and searching incentives, as well as facilitating relations with partners through site visits.

Our consulting team combines their extensive knowledge of key investment locations with the best methodologies and technical skills in order to provide the best advice to our customers.

Key Services

  • Location Analysis and Evaluation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Site Visits

  • Investor And Customer Meetings

  • Cost Analysis

  • Market Entry Risk Analysis

  • Process Management Consultancy

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